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Cuda Automatic Parts Washers – an industrial parts cleaning solution

Cuda parts washers

We are a factory-direct distributors for Cuda automatic parts washers, a low maintenance solution for cleaning engine parts, components and industrial equipment. Also known as cabinet washers, Cuda aqueous parts washers are safer for employees to use than solvent washers.

Using jets of high pressure spray combined with hot water, parts washers clean parts similarly to an industrial dish washer. We offer Cuda parts washer detergents, which are designed to not only clean but inhibit rust and foam in the wash cabinet. Cuda APW’s provide business owners a quick return on investment by allowing technicians to wash parts while performing other work.

Cuda parts washers are available in two different styles:


  • Load capacity ranges from 500 to 5000 lbs.
  • Working height from 30" to 60"
  • Turntable diameter ranges from 25" to 48"
  • Many electrical configurations
  • Vertical seal-less pumps

Cuda front load parts washers use no solvents. Instead, Hotsy and Cuda biodegradable detergents can be used during the wash cycle, which provide corrosion inhibitors. All Cuda front-loading washers give you extra cleaning features at no extra cost. These include an integrated stainless steel disc oil skimmer, easy access debris screen, exclusive internal roll-away door, a recessed base for ample foot clearance and an easy to use intermediate spray bar.

View Brochure for specifications


  • Load capacity 500 lbs.
  • Working height 12" to 18"
  • Turntable diameter ranges from 22" to 25"
  • Many electrical configurations
  • 23 or 90 Gal. Sump Capacity

Cuda top load parts washers are compact, automatic cabinet washers ideal for cleaning smaller parts and components. Small footprints save valuable floor space, while automatic controls make them easy to operate. Other features include a recessed base for easy parts loading, a small parts basket, removable debris screen and an integrated oil removal system.

View Brochure for specifications

Contact us for a free on-site evaluation to see what style and model of parts washer is best for the parts you’re cleaning. We can provide a cleaning demo so you can see how effective - and easy – cleaning can be. Contact us at 814-899-5870 or stop by our store in Erie.